Sound Artworks "GREEN TALK" Sound Artworks - GREEN TALK

2011 - NOW

Cazu23(TURTLE ISLAND)とNo.6(CHAOSCHANNEL)のパラレルミュージックユニット『Sound Artworks』の新曲『Green Talk』のプローモーション・ビデオの制作を前作に引き続き担当しました。

I continued to take designed and directed of the promotional video for new song "Green Talk" of the "Sound Artworks" the parallel music unit of Cazu23 (TURTLE ISLAND) and No.6 (CHAOSCHANNEL).

  • Client : Sound Artworks
  • Sound : Cazu23 (TURTLE ISLAND)
  • Movie : No.6 (CHAOSCHANNEL)
  • Production : OOO OH inc.